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G R O W :: May 2017 garden

It has been months since I’ve written anything in this space, mostly because life just got so busy I had to let some things go. The last nine months were life-altering months. I taught my first academic course at the college where I have been teaching voice lessons, I had the fullest private voice studio I have ever had, and my art career really entered a new phase with my first three solo shows in the space of a few months. To accomplish everything, I really felt myself functioning in survival mode a lot of the time.

Now that the academic year is over, I am trying to recalibrate my routine and embrace the spaces where I used to take intentional rest. One of those spaces is gardening. The last two years, my garden has suffered immensely because I spent every day in my studio 30 minutes from my home. I was often too exhausted to weed and water or even cast a second glance into my backyard when I got home.

When I worked in my city studio, I used to go to Pinterest or social media when I needed a quick mental break from painting. In my home studio, I can walk into my backyard and putter around in my garden for a few minutes when I need a visual or mental break. I can sit and listen to birdsong or deadhead flowers or rub my fingers into the herbs and smell their sweet aromas. It is a place of silent contemplation, a place where I go to speak with God. And after just a few minutes, my creative brain is refreshed and replenished along with my soul.

For that reason, gardening has made it onto the list of things I need to do for self-care, along with writing, solo artist excursions aimed at replenishing my inspiration, and exercising. I want to write about it in this space mainly to remind myself that there are many nutrients for the soul besides the things I need to survive. I need love from family and friends, God, regular time in scripture and prayer, food, water, sleep, and work to survive.

But God made me to do more than just survive. And the beauty of the natural world that he made is really a wonder to behold, each little green leaf unfurling in glory to point toward the creator.

The irises bloomed two weeks ago and it was achingly gorgeous for a few precious days.
This is the first year I tried planting shallots! I will get back with you on how it goes.
I planted red onions so close that I should have a never ending supply of scallions all summer long!
My sugar snap peas are about three inches taller than this by now.
I planted an assortment of bell and chili peppers. I love peppers because I often forget about them until late summer and suddenly I have a bounty of delicious peppers.
I bought a few sage plants at the farmer’s market a couple of years ago for $1 apiece, and they are now large plants, thriving like crazy! I absolutely love sage butter with fresh bread.
Bright blooms are a must in my backyard garden
Sweet alyssum is one of my favorite creeping flowers.
I still have a massive collection of potted herbs for cooking and cocktails.

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