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g r o w :: may 2016 garden update

Gardening for me is something I do mostly for pleasure, meaning it doesn’t replace a huge amount of our grocery haul. My large backyard has three mature maples, meaning it is mostly in the shade. Therefore, anything I grow already has a huge handicap. It will grow, but it will never be anything like a garden that gets adequate sun. But that doesn’t stop me from putting seeds in the soil each year. I get a humble harvest, I get joy putting food on the plate in front of those I love that I grew with God’s help and my own hands.

May is always exciting. There is a lot of rain, and my seedlings are springing up! So are the weeds. I took these photos about a week and a half ago – everything has basically doubled in size since then, and the amount of weeding I have to do is obnoxious!

I look forward to the day when we have a home where I can (hopefully) have a big, full-sun garden, an orchard, a squash patch, and maybe even some sweet corn. But for now I will give thanks for my humble, shaded garden. It is far from perfect, but it is mine.


The herb pots are my non-negotiable item. I always move them inside when frost threatens and I keep them alive as long as possible.


Tender radishes, before thinning. These have grown about the most of any of the plants featured here. I would say in a week or two we’ll be eating them!


The garlic chives look lovely in my cut arrangements and are one of my favorites for fresh salads.


Every year, when I plant my containers, there are a few leftovers that end up in small pots on the patio table. This year, they are mostly coleus, and they are so cheerful together in their mismatched pots and draining pans.


My tomatoes are pretty much ready to be transplanted outside. They are much bigger than they look in this photo. They’re getting lanky and awkward in their teenage phase, ready to be put in the soil so they can take off and begin to set blooms. I always plant my tomatoes against the fence in the front yard where they can get full sun and be out of the path of the squirrels!


Happy growing, friends! I hope June is finding you well.

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