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52 Projects :: #8 :: Painted Sketchbook

Project #8 was inspired directly by Project #7, and couldn’t have been simpler for how cool it is. While getting some canvases on sale at Michaels, I found this inexpensive canvas sketchbook by Artist’s Loft and picked it up. While using my old sketchbook from childhood (I got it in the eighth grade) the binding came loose. I still use it for sketches but I want one that I can use to develop ideas for another project that is on the far horizon. I decided to use my painting “Anywhere you want me” as inspiration for this canvas painted sketchbook. It is made with acrylic and gold and varnished! These canvas sketchbooks can be found in the sketchbook aisle of Michaels and you can paint on the cover, draw on it with markers or pen, or keep it blank. What a cool idea!


I love having a sketchbook that inspires me to work.


I painted the front and back. I love it!


I coated it with clear varnish when it was dry to help protect the book as I’ll inevitably slide it into a bag and use it a lot. Only time will tell how well the paint wears!


This project would be easy to replicate on journals as well. I love this book! I would even consider painting custom color schemes to sell in an Etsy shop someday, if there were enough people interested.

I love the spur-of-the-moment, unexpected ideas that are popping up for me while I do 52 Projects.

Happy Wednesday, brave friends!


This post is part of a series I am doing in 2015 called ā€™52 Projects.ā€™ To read more about why Iā€™m doing this, click here.

4 comments on “52 Projects :: #8 :: Painted Sketchbook

  1. Hello! I have been missing your posts. I hope all is well with you!

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    • Thank you so much Val! I was missing posting! I finally posted an update today explaining my absence! I’m so grateful for your encouragement!

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  2. Me again! I think this is one of the most beautiful blogs I follow, so I nominated you for The Real Neat Blog award. Details here…

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