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52 Projects :: #7 :: Anywhere you want me :: Acrylic & gold on canvas

I’ve had a lot of formative conversations over the past couple of weeks. Maybe this is what it feels like when God works within your life. It is a beautiful and painful stretching. I can’t stop talking about making art in most of these conversations. And I don’t think I’m supposed to.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been buried in editing and shooting photos and designing, which in itself is a creative and artistic process.  But in every spare moment I’ve been making paintings or thinking about making paintings. After I made that last post, I got my old art desk (a drafting table) and all of my art supplies and unpacked them into a corner of my home office. I looked through stacks of unfinished paintings, portfolios of charcoal drawings, a sheaf of watercolors I did when I lived in Florence, and I started to remember some part of myself that I’ve been keeping on a distant shelf for years.

This is the beauty of 52 Projects. I discover parts of myself that were forgotten and fall in love all over again with the creative process. I realize that God’s vision for my life is much more layered and complex than I could have previously imagined.


This week I did another acrylic abstract painting that incorporates gold leaf and gold metallic pigment. I’ve been wanting to paint something for the mantel in our living room for months now. I was inspired by Sleeping at Last again, as I’ve been listening to the album Atlas: Year One on repeat for over two weeks.


I painted a lot of this in layers with palette knives and combs. It is so much fun layering color upon color. I really find painting to be so meditative. It expresses in color and texture what I cannot express with words. I feel like I’m processing a lot right now, and painting is a fantastic way to visually translate those feelings.




I have a feeling that many of my 52 Projects will end up as paintings, and I’m okay with that.

Happy Friday, beautiful friends!


This post is part of a series I am doing in 2015 called ’52 Projects.’ To read more about why I’m doing this, click here.

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