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52 Projects :: #4 :: Crochet Washcloths


I grew up in a home where we didn’t use the dishwasher. We had one for a short period of time and almost never used it. In fact, my Mom opted to get the cupboard space back and remove the dishwasher, it was used so little. I can’t say I love doing the dishes, but I have very fond memories of singing with my Mom while doing the dishes. Sometimes my Dad would even join in, or my best friend Meredith if she was at our house. We’d sing bluegrass songs, Hymns, and songs from choir while Mom washed and I dried. There is nothing like laying harmonies alongside your mother’s voice.

I grew up wanting to sing like my Mom. The quality of her voice is just beautiful. I relished singing, especially with her. When I went off to college, I think both of us felt the deep sadness of the end of our dish-washing and drying songs. God willing, I’ll have a daughter someday, and we’ll sing together as we work.


Project #4 from 52 Projects is another practical one. I learned to crochet from my friend Ashley a few years ago, and my friend Jen recently refreshed my memory on how to get started. I still only know how to do one stitch: the double crochet. It is simple and easy. I’m betting experienced crocheters could lay these out in a half-hour flat. My washcloths took a few hours each, both because I get distracted, and because I’m slow. And I’m certain my technique could use improvement.


I put whatever I can in the dishwasher, whenever possible. But my love of antiques has led me to own many things that have to be hand washed. My washcloths have grown tired looking and many need to be retired. Enter my desire to make something beautiful and utilitarian for my own kitchen.

CrochetDishrags-7 CrochetDishrags-5 CrochetDishrags-1

These cloths work beautifully. I made them out of 100% cotton yarn. I only wish I could find some cotton yarn that is thicker so I’d be able to make more faster!

And even though I often wash dishes alone, I still think about my Mother and my Father too. As my hands wrinkle up in the steaming water, I hum tunes, and sometimes I lose track of myself and suddenly realize I’m bellowing out some soulful hymn or tune from my subconscious. This is the beauty of quiet work, when our souls can take flight in the presence of ordinary moments.

CrochetDishrags-22 CrochetDishrags-43 CrochetDishrags-36

I hope you’re all having beautiful days, brave friends!

2 comments on “52 Projects :: #4 :: Crochet Washcloths

  1. “Our souls can take flight…” I like this. Quiet, alone, repetitive motions are all meditative! I will be off to find some cotton yarn. I could use some new dishcloths too!

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    • I’m glad you agree! I definitely don’t always feel like doing mundane tasks, but when you open your eyes to the beauty in ordinary moments it is a game changer!

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