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M A K E :: Painted Corn Mugs

Technically, I made these at the very end of 2014, so this doesn’t count as one of my 52 Projects. But I promise, more painted dishes will appear here. I love dishes, and I love painting, so it would only make sense that I love painting dishes. I’ve posted about painting dishes on Dream Make Repeat before. This is another project that I completed for my Dad. I came home for Christmas and he placed these blank white mugs on the table and asked me to paint something for him.

Being that my Dad loves corn, I went with vintage seed-packet inspired corn designs. Nothing says Iowa more than corn! I love them best in black and white, but he wanted color. When I got done, I wanted to take them home. But, I’m nice, and I let him keep them. 🙂

Painting on dishes is easy! All you need are a few appropriate tools, and you can create awesome custom dinnerware.


White mugs
Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint + Pebeo Porcelaine 150 thinner
Deco Glass Ceramic markers

I always start by painting the outlines in black with the Deco Glass marker, and then I fill in the color. If I need to touch up any of the black, I will do it with brushes and the Porcelaine 150 because I don’t want to ruin the marker.


I’m pretty sure I’m making myself a set of these in black and white. LOVE!



When you’re finished, don’t forget to bake (or fire) your project according to your paint manufacturer’s directions. My paint is dishwasher and microwave safe. Do any of you paint on dishes? If so, I’d love to see some of them.

Happy making, brave friends!

5 comments on “M A K E :: Painted Corn Mugs

  1. liesbethschreurs

    Beautifully made! Is there any way to contact you?


  2. Lovely idea, thank you for sharing! I think I like the black and white version the best 🙂


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