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M A K E :: Gold-tipped tennies

I’ve been seeing a lot of cute printed Keds and other tennies lately, and I’ve had serious shoe envy. From the first lemon-printed pair of shoes I saw, my creative spark was ignited! This project couldn’t be easier (or more economical). I had all of the paint supplies at home already, and all I had to get were the shoes. I got three pair, two if which you’ll see here today. (I haven’t painted the third yet!) I picked them up at a local big box store for $5 a pair. Score!

Below, you’ll see the shoes beforehand. The fact that they’re denim gives them a bit of extra charm, but they’re kind of blah in my opinion.

 I decided to give them metallic gold tips. I used this frog painter’s tape to give me a crisp line.

Here they are after one coat…

And after two coats, all done! This project literally took me ten minutes. I couldn’t love these shoes more!

My creative spark was ignited, so about a week later, I was inspired to turn these plain white shoes into awesome summery cuties. I was inspired by a pair of Kate Spade for Keds shoes, and I painted some lemons on them! These took more like an hour to complete, as the painting was a bit more detailed.

I took the out and started by painting in the basic shapes and shadows/shadings of the lemons. You can see that I had some spill over onto the lip on the side – that is really easy to clean up with a knife or razorblade when you’re done!

Then I added black outlines to define the fruits and painted certain sections bright yellow to define them more.

They are so cute and add instant cheer to any summer outfit! 🙂

If this post inspires you to make any shoes of your own, I’d love it if you shared!

Happy Thursday, brave & wonderful friends!

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